How to play

Drive & Go is a card game consisting of 54 playing cards.

• 27 action cards that guide you and give you tasks.

• 27 question cards with conversation starters.

Drive & Go has no fixed rules, but thanks to the different cards, it offers numerous playing options. For example, you can use the Drive & Go card game during a long road trip or a day out. The 27 question cards are also great to bring out during a drink at home, party or other social gathering.

Drive & Go Roadtrip game card game van Camper Volkswagen T1

  • Including all cards
  • Play without a final destination
  • Day out
  • Long journey

Get in the car and have your fellow passengers randomly pick a card from the stack. Complete an action or take a turn when drawing an action card. When drawing a question card, all players must answer the question, providing plenty of conversation topics during the ride. The Drive & Go card game is perfect for a day out or a long journey.


Road trip game nature car

  • Use of directional cards
  • Play without a set destination
  • Day out
  • Long journey
  • Specifically for discovering new places
  • Tip for driving lessons!

Do you want to specifically discover new places, and turn in as many directions as possible to see new things quickly and often! Then this playing option is a lot of fun to try out. Remove all directional cards from the card game, shuffle them, and occasionally draw a new card. Check out the surroundings and discover!


Game car couple traveling

  • Use of action cards without directional cards
  • Use of question cards
  • Road trip with a fixed destination

Do you have a long journey ahead with a fixed destination to follow? Even then, you can take Drive & Go with you! Remove the directional cards from the Drive & Go packaging and make the ride extra fun by completing the actions and answering the questions.


Thought provoking questions to ask each other roadtrip

  • Use of only the question cards
  • Get to know each other better
  • At home
  • Work events

Are you having a drink at home with your partner or friends? With the question cards from Drive & Go, you'll have the best conversation topics! Remove the question cards from the Drive & Go packaging, place them face down on the table, and take turns drawing a card.